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Get ready to have your minds blown with the fantastic services of the Sofab Beauty Lounge. Our salon is a haven of beauty and style because we believe every woman needs to have her day in the limelight. We have all sorts of services available at our lounge, from haircutting to extensions and from blowouts to highlights. We specialize in hair care, nail care, face, and body treatments. Some of the tops of range services available at our salon include the Gel French Manicure, Paraffin Manicure, Olaplex Mask Treatment, and Dancoly Caviar Mask for your hair and scalp. We have a variety of facial treatments like Dr Renaud Deep Cleaning, Medica Swiss Deep Cleaning, Casmara Peel-off Mask, and the Collagen Mask, which are recommended by the dermatologists. No matter what you want, we have got it covered. So, chuck all your worries and come to us when you want to be treated like the queen that you are. We have the most experienced and expert hairstylists, ready to serve you with their exquisite styles and talents.


Come And Enjoy A Relaxing Experience At Sofab Beauty Lounge

The experience here at the Sofab Beauty Lounge is not something that you can easily forget. Every single person here is ready to fulfil every need of yours and take you through a beautiful journey of beauty, comfort, and luxury.
Enrich your body, mind, and soul with our fantastic services, and we assure you that you would be pretty much impressed with what we have to offer. Every woman deserves a little bit of pampering once in a while, and this is precisely what you get with us. 

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Keratin Treatment Dubai and Gel Nail Polish from Sofab Beauty Lounge
Sofab Beauty salon Dubai Theme


Looking forward to a day of relaxation at your favourite beauty salon? Look no further as the Sofab Beauty Lounge is just one tap away. All you have to do is call us right now to book an appointment, and you are all set. Sofab Beauty Lounge provides you with the most wonderful and relaxing services of Haircare, body care, nail care, and so much more. With discounts and offers being a part of our routine, we aspire to give you the ultimate beauty treatment that you deserve.


Call Us To Book An Appointment At Your Favorite Sofab Beauty Lounge Today!!

Setting an appointment is only a phone call away. Or call us to make any type of enquiry. We are ready to help in any way. We are here to offer our clients expert services and comfort. Don't just sit and ponder over it, ladies. The only thing left to do is call our professionals to book the appointment for any day. At our salon, you will get the treatment that you want as we love to pamper our clients with the best of our services, such as haircuts, blowouts, extensions, hair spa, nail treatments, facial and body care, etc. Why would you wait when all these incredible services are waiting for you at your very own Sofab Beauty Lounge. The decision is yours to make, people. Make the call now and take that leap towards luxury and beauty with us by your side.

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sofab Beauty Lounge location, a Beauty Salon Dubai
Keratin Treatin Dubai from Sofab Beauty salon Dubai


“Running a beauty salon can be challenging but consistency is key. My vision was and still remains to have a beauty salon that was inclusive to everyone and to provide a welcoming homely vibe and I have worked hard to make this happen. So many people say how much they love coming to chill and relax and I couldn’t be prouder of how far we have come so far. As the business evolves, I dream of documenting our story.

In Sofab Beauty Lounge You will have the opportunity to discuss appropriate home care as well as experience the latest in beauty tips and up-to-date fashion looks. Our certified estheticians use only the best products and by only single dipping there wax sticks your health is our number one priority. Because we believe that confidence makes the soul smile we look forward to sharing our passion with you today!

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sofab Beauty Lounge location, a Beauty Salon in Dubai
Hair treatment Dubai, keratin treatment Dubai and protein hair treatment from Sofab Beauty Lounge
Sofab Beauty salon Dubai Theme


It is time to have your life turned upside down with just the power of a new hairstyle. At Sofab Beauty Lounge, clients get all the hair treatments they want and that too at affordable rates. Does managing the hairstyle become too hard after some time? Quit worrying because the expert professional hairstylists at Sofab are here to help. 


Our goal is to pamper you from head to toe and to bring out your individual, natural beauty and energise your mind, body & soul. Sofab Beauty Lounge is the place where your unique personality, style and lifestyle inspire us to create hair designs that are all about you. From cut to care, you’re going to say, “I love my hair!” And feel the relaxation to be done in skin care and nails.

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sofab hair salon in Dubai
Sofab Beauty salon Dubai Theme


Be prepared to experience the WOW! Factor, because here in Sofab Beauty Lounge, we pride ourselves in our commitment to provide you with complete beautification. Built from the ground up, literally! Our founder & owner – Chel Shrestha, has been there every step of the way in building this baby, meticulously choosing the tiles on the floor to the lights and sound system, to choosing the perfect products to sell. Wanting to have a place where she herself will want to go to relax and know that your body will be safe, a haven for us all women. She has always been a believer that every woman deserves to be pampered every now and then. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a workaholic superwoman, or a simple lad – you deserve a break to take care of your outer self. She knows how busy we all can be, that’s why she has dreamt to be able to help every woman to unleash their best-selves through beauty. Sofab Beauty Lounge is the realization of that dream.

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Sofab Beauty salon in Dubai Theme
sofab beauty salon in Dubai with Protein Hair treatment Dubai
Keratin Hair Treatment from Sofab Beauty salon Dubai


Sofab Beauty Lounge provides today’s modern women with the ultimate in beauty lavishness set in a  trendy & highly luxurious store environment offering the highest quality services & stringent hygiene standards to the 5,000 fashion savvy women that pop into its regional stores on a monthly basis. The only place that can get you saying I’m Sofab!

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