10 Ways to Banish Stringy Hair

Stringy hair is every woman’s worst nightmare come true. Stringy hair makes you look like you have a permanent ‘bed head’ and it also makes it challenging for you to style your hair. In addition to making your locks look lifeless and limp, it is also your hair trying to tell you that it is time to incorporate a strict hair care routine in your daily life. After all, taking care of your hair is as important as caring for your skin! 


If you have been battling with the worst care of stringy hair, it is time for you to make some changes. IMMEDIATELY! Here are the top 10 ways you can say goodbye to stringy hair and hello to gorgeously manageable locks! 

Get A Regular Haircut 

Getting regular haircuts can help you get rid of split-ends and make your hair healthy. You can try getting a haircut every three months. It will help you get rid of stringy hair and also give it a nice and healthy look. Also, you must not worry about losing the length of your hair because hair growth is faster when you cut it after every few months. 


Be Careful While Using a Hairdryer 

Too much heat from the hairdryer can make it too dry, so you must try to keep it to low or medium heat. Also, you can try to dry your hair by flipping your head down. This makes the cuticles tough by raising the roots. So, it is a good tip to keep in mind every day when you dry your hair.  


Use Argan Oil 

Argan oil can provide a lot of nourishment to your hair because of its moisturizing property. So, you can try using it on a regular basis to give your hair a plump look. This oil is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, so you will give the right food to your hair to grow. 


Use Silk Pillow Covers 

Silk pillow covers are soft and easy on your hair, so you must change all your cotton pillowcases and replace them with silk ones. They are soft and easy on your hair, so rubbing your hair on it while sleeping does not lead to hair loss. 


Use Your Hair Brush Carefully 

You must be careful while using your hairbrush too. If you are too harsh with it on your hair, it will make your hair stringy, and you will lose a lot of them. You must master the skill of brushing your hair softly without being too harsh. You can try holding some parts of your hair while combing the edges. It is a good way to be gentle. 


Don´t Put Hair Conditioners On the Scalp

Conditioners can be bad for your scalp, so when you apply them, you must make sure that you only put it on the upper edges of the hair and not on the roots. This will already give you good results. 


Try Not to Use Plastic Combs

Plastic combs are bad for your hair follicles. Plastic is generally non-conductive in nature. This means that brushing your hair using a plastic comb is likely to make your hair static. Using a metal or wooden brush is a good idea as these combs can handle static better and avoid making your hair look like they are standing straight as a soldier. 


Don't Use Very Hot Water to Shampoo 

Showering with scalding hot water is the worst thing you can do to your hair. Although hot showers might help your aching and sore muscles, they are your hair’s worst enemy. In addition to drying out your hair of its natural oils, it will also make your hair look parched and lifeless. Therefore, always use lukewarm water to wash your hair. 


Try Adding Hair Extensions to Give It a Nice Look 

If your hair looks stringy at the ends, it is a good idea to add hair extensions. This will not only add length to your locks but also help you get rid of the greasy and dull look. 


Braid Your Hair When You Sleep 

You must always braid your hair when you sleep. You might have heard your mother telling you to do that in your childhood, but you didn’t think it was all that important. Well, it is, and there is science behind this recommendation. When you sleep with braided hair, there is less scope for breakage, and you can ensure stronger hair. 

Bottom Line

If you want healthy-looking and shining hair, you must take the efforts to ensure that they are well taken care of. This includes following a regular hair care routine and avoiding any products with chemicals in them. Choose your hair care products and hair styling products carefully to ensure that you are not subjecting your lovely mane to harsh chemicals. Finally, keep the tips mentioned above in mind for natural-looking healthy hair! 

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