How To Care For Your Nails After A Gel Manicure Or Pedicure

Gel manicures have become quite popular recently and for an excellent reason! They are marvelous to look at, and they enhance the look of your hands significantly. That said, gel manicures and pedicures can also lead to dry and brittle nails. When considering gel manicures or pedicures, it is crucial for you to keep your nails protected from the damage they will suffer at a later stage. This makes it essential to give them added moisturization after a manicure. You must also practice healthy habits to keep your nails strong such as eating nourishing food. Do not cut your cuticles or peel off the polish as they constitute some of the worst nail habits.


To help you make an informed decision, we share with you the top ways to care for your nails after getting a gel manicure or pedicure.

Try A Nail Treatment 

Nail treatments help in strengthening your nails by giving it the right proteins. It also helps in brightening the pigments on your nails, so any kind of dullness of yellowing is camouflaged. The best way to do this is by taking a break from the regular nail paints and using a nail treatment instead. You will notice that your tips that were weak will suddenly be fortified, thanks to the protein elements present in nail treatment. You can try it for a few weeks to see a difference. 


Keep Your Nails Moisturized 

Moisturizing your nails is super important too. You can simply use cuticle oil and massage your nails as well as the tender skin around it. You can do it many times in a day to ensure that your nails and the surrounding skin are moisturized. After using an oil, you can also add a nice and thick hand cream to add a protective layer. When you use an oil, you will notice that it is easily absorbed, and then with a cream, you make a barrier to ensure that the moisture does not escape. This way, your nails are strengthened and also protected. 


Do Not Trim Cuticles 

We all indeed have the urge to trim or cut the cuticles from time to time, but you should resist this urge. You must understand that cuticles offer a protective layer to the new nails that start to grow underneath. So, if you cut the cuticles, it might hurt your new nails. Instead, you must make sure that it is moisturized at all times. This strengthens your cuticles as well as the new nails. 


Keep Trimming Your Nails 

We all love long and beautiful nails, but you must note that they are more prone to damage and breaking while you do your daily chores. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep trimming your nails. Moreover, if you keep it round on the edges, it not only helps against chipping but also gives it a nice and beautiful look. You can also paint your nails, but make sure that you trim them from time to time. 


Use A Buffer 

The importance of buffing your nails after a gel session cannot be stressed enough. After getting a nail manicure, it is vital to get rid of uneven edges and ridges. Using a nail buffer can help you smooth out your nails, especially the ridges. You must do this every other day until the nails are properly healed. Buffing can also go a long way to improving the blood circulation in your nails, which further enhances their strength.


Use Keratin Gloves

After indulging in a gel manicure and pedicure, it is paramount to use keratin gloves. You can purchase them online or from any beauty store. These gloves are a great measure to keep your nails strong at all times and avoid them from getting damaged after your gel session. You must use the gloves according to the recommendations specified on the package. You can wear these gloves for leisure activities such as while watching television or reading.


Use A Nail Strengthener

If you are not too fond of polished nails, a nail strengthener can come in handy to keep your nails healthy. There are many colored polishes or clear nail strengtheners in the market that you can choose from at beauty and drug stores according to your preference. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the thing to remember is that gel manicures and pedicures, while fun to look at, can cause considerable damage to your nails in the long run. This makes it even more crucial to take care of them and ensure their strength. Keeping these tips in mind can help you do just that and can go a long way to avoiding brittle and dry nails after a gel treatment. 

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