The Killer Guide to Combating Every Winter Hair Problem

If you live in a part of the world where winter strikes a few months every year, you must be all too familiar with the toll it can take on your hair. Cold and dry winter air can damage your hair and leave it dull and lifeless. We are talking static, dryness, frizz, and parched-looking hair. More often than not, women try to compensate by showering with scalding hot water, but let us tell you that doing that will not do your hair any favors either. It merely strips your hair of its natural moisture barrier and further dries out your hair. In fact, it can even lead to balding spots and excessive breakage.

To help you battle all kinds of winter woes when it comes to your hair, we share with you some killer tips to attain healthy and luscious hair this winter!

Keep Yourself Hydrated.

It is essential to hydrate and moisturize not only your hair but also your whole body. So, remember to drink some extra water and keep yourself hydrated all through the day. It will already make a huge difference to your hair quality this winter. You must note that you need to stay hydrated from within.  


Condition Your Hair.

You can go with the regular shampoo, conditioning, and rinsing during winters, but if you add another step, it might actually nourish your hair more. You can try washing one more time after these three steps to hydrate it one more time. It is a great way to combat any kind of hair problem in winters.


Only Use Silk On Your Hair.

Silk is soft and comfortable on your hair, so it helps against hair fall, while other materials might cause hair fall due to friction. So, changing your pillowcases can be a good start towards combating all kinds of hair problems this winter. You can find some fantastic colors and designs in silk pillowcases to make it more appealing for yourself, but you will notice a massive change in your hair quality after using it regularly. 


Do Not Leave The House Without Drying Your Hair.

It is always a good practice to dry your hair before you go out. Otherwise, the cold winter wind might damage your hair more. If you are in a freezing area, the water in your hair might freeze, and this increases the chances of breakage and hair loss. However, you must be careful while drying your hair and not use too much heat to do so. That leads to more damage, so it is better to use medium heat or low heat so that your roots stay healthy and you don´t experience hair fall. 


Don’t Heat Style Your Hair.

Heat makes your hair dry, so if you use heat styling, you might dry out your hair even more. In addition to that, if you color your hair, it might have an even more drying effect on you. So, it is always best to avoid hot tools. They might create split ends on your hair if you use them too much. However, if you do use these tools, try hydrating and moisturizing your hair later with masks and conditioners. It is essential to be careful with your hair while using heat on it this winter. It might cause more damage than you imagine. 


Use A Dryer Sheet For Static Hair.

If the strands or locks of your hair have a tendency to stand on end and lift away from your head, that is a clear sign that your hair is suffering from the harsh winter climes. To get rid of the static party going on your head, you can use a dryer sheet to swipe it over the hair that is flying away lightly. This will help you get static-free hair instantly. 

Use Hair Oil To Moisturize And Nourish Your Hair.

Irrespective of whether it is winter or summer, it is super important to use hair oil to moisturize and hydrate your hair. The colder months, in particular, dry out your hair and leave them limp as well as lifeless. Regular head massages with jojoba oil or argan oil can get rid of the dry and flaky scalp, promoting shiny-looking and gorgeous hair at all times. Castor oil and coconut oil can also help you battle dandruff. 

Bottom Line

And there you have it! Following these easy tips can go a long way to helping you take care of your hair and give it the attention it deserves. Now, you can say goodbye to moody hair and hello to radiant, shining, and hydrated hair all year long. Do you have any tips that we missed out on? Please share with us in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you. 

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