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It is time to have your life turned upside down with just the power of a new hairstyle. At Sofab Beauty Lounge, clients get all the hair treatments they want and that too at affordable rates. Does managing the hairstyle become too hard after some time? Quit worrying because the expert professional hairstylists at Sofab are here to help. 


Our goal is to pamper you from head to toe and to bring out your individual, natural beauty and energise your mind, body & soul. Sofab Beauty Lounge is the place where your unique personality, style and lifestyle inspire us to create hair designs that are all about you. From cut to care, you’re going to say, “I love my hair!” And feel the relaxation to be done in skin care and nails.

Protein Hair Treatment Dubai, Keratin Treatment Dubai from Sofab Beauty Lounge

At Sofab, we offer several in-house services like haircuts, trims, shampoo, and hair masks and a plethora of other hair treatments for the clients. Try out interesting hairstyles and hair care options at the SoFab Beauty Lounge. Stand out from the crowd with a slick new hairstyle to impress. The right treatment is just a click away. 


If you want to make a strong impact, then opt for highlights or even full hair color in any shade of the rainbow. Our stylists will guide you throughout the process and help you choose a colour that will enhance your feminine features. 


We have the latest equipment and high-quality products that are always gentle on your hair. If you are looking for some extra care, then we have the newest hair masks and treatments recommended by hair specialists around the world. We have a wide range but our Olaplex Mask, Dancoly Caviar Mask, Hot Oil Treatment, Keratin Hair Treatment and the Protein Hair Treatment top the list.

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Hair Extensions

We were all blessed with unique features. Our hair is one of them and, sometimes we tend to compare these features with others. To appreciate your self is a way to build confidence, by boost your personality and looks might be a big help too. There are times that we might need to enhance our appearance to look more suitable at the moment without even altering our uniqueness permanently. A good example is our hairstyles, which we often improve or change. 


Hair Care

At the Sofab Beauty Lounge, we believe in pampering our clients in the best way. Welcome to our fantastic Beauty Lounge and Salon, where you are going to get the treatment of your life. It is time to treat your hair with some of the best products and services because we are here to provide you with that right now. Known to be one of the leading places for hair care and beauty, Sofab Beauty Lounge is the place to be when you want to make sure that you have all the right kind of treatments for your hair most amazingly and wonderfully.


Nail Care

Say goodbye to improper nails with our classy and elegant nail care treatments right away. Find yourself amazed by all the wonderful nail treatments and techniques that we have in store for you at Sofab Beauty Lounge. Combining luxury with style and comfort, our salon aims to provide you with the perfect treat, not just for your nails but for your whole body. We treat every single client like royalty here, and hence now it is your turn to have that experience from us. We assure you that there will be no disappointment or regret once you have a shot of our services at the Sofab Beauty Lounge.


Face & Body Care

We understand you and the tediousness of plucking your own unwanted hair. Say no more! We at SoFab is committed to ensuring you won’t have to go out with bushy eyebrows and mustache again; go and raise your arm without hesitations, we’ve got you covered!


Offer Packages

It is our pleasure to provide a luxurious pampering for all ladies out there. Starting from hair & nail care, to face & body services, we would like to extend a very affordable range of offer packages to you. For we want you to try our amenities that will surely mend your cravings for cosset. Sofab Beauty lounge is not just about luxury but above it, is a gracious experience for you.

Our Offer Packages