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Life can be pretty busy these days, so why not take some time for yourself and take care of the one thing that is important to you? Well, we are talking about your hair, ladies. This time, we have the infamous hot oil treatment waiting in line for you in order to fix every single problem which might be going on in your hair. Choose this gorgeous treatment at Sofab Beauty Lounge and believe us when we say you are not going to regret it. With Sofab Beauty Lounge, you get a plethora of healthy hair care products along with the hot oil used for massage.

5 Astonishing Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment

Our hair and scalp produces essential oils that keeps it healthy. The curly type of hair tends to get dry quite easily than naturally straight hair. It makes it hard for the natural oils from our scalp to travel down the hair shaft and to keep it moisturized. Hot oil treatments are best for those who have dry hair. This treatment can be used on all hair types but is particularly beneficial for curly hair. You should also consider doing this treatment if you have chemically treated or damaged hair.


What is Hot Oil Treatment?

Hot oil treatments involve heating a combination of natural oils, before applying and leaving the mixture on hair. Leaving the treatment on your hair for at least 30 minutes helps it absorb the essential oils, upon rinsing you are left with super soft and shiny hair. There are many benefits of hot oil treatments like it soothes hair into smoothness by penetrating the hair shaft with great hydrating moisture and protects the hair and makes it softer and more manageable. You should treat your hair with hot oils at least once a week to aid the hair follicles and to strengthen your locks. Here are 5 more of its benefits.

Moisturize Dry and Brittle Hair

No one wants a dry and brittle hair. So before it gets worse, start to moisturize it. Using hot oils every week or every two weeks, depending on your needs is one great remedy. This treatment will help redeposit oil into your hair and prevent the dryness that leads to breakage.

Heals Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Don’t let yourself suffer with dry scalp and dandruff. Adding hot essential oil treatments with almond and mint, before you shampoo your hair can help prevent dandruff. It soothes itchy scalp and keep dandruff away. You will instantly feel comfortable without the itch that dry scalp and dandruff causes.

Good Blood Circulation

Who wouldn’t want extra time for massage? Massaging the oil evenly into your scalp contributes to good blood circulation. It also helps to stimulate growth after applying it to your scalp and hair.

Strong and Shiny Hair

Remember that you can achieve the best result with continuous usage of treatments.
You will begin to see the changes in your hair by using hot oil treatments regularly. Your hair will finally feel healthier, softer, and shinier than before.

Prevent Split Ends and Frizz

Preventing frizz and split ends without weighing your hair down is easy with adding hot oil care to your daily hair regimen. The oils seal the ends of your hair keeping it moisturize and nourish, which in return prevents split ends.


Dear ladies, you don’t have to agonize with that itchy dry scalp, dandruff, and frizzy hair. Come and let us revitalize and rejuvenate your hair with the help of this amazing hot oil treatment. We always treat our precious clients in the best way at the Sofab Beauty Lounge. Our experts handle all kinds of hair with care and draw all your hair worries away.  So, make sure that you go ahead and opt for this treatment right now.

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