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Nail Polish Only

So, you must be a person who loves to paint their nails or making any design on it. However, spending much money on decorating your nail but getting the results that are not satisfied is quite a common right. You definitely don't want to do it anymore, don't you?

Finding difficulty in searching for the best nail salon that understands your requirements? Tired of buying different shades of nail colour that doesn't suit you? Well, I suggest you come over to our studio before wasting your money in another salon again.

At Sofab Beauty Lounge, we provide you with the best experts that are highly trained and well experienced with the customers. The products we have are quite budget-friendly and are of the best quality. Our products don't contain any chemicals that will cause an infection or allergic reaction to your nails. We think about your health and safety first and then your requirements. Here, we will be guiding you with the best products that you are looking for long. You can have many choices to select the best outcome. Our experts will be with you throughout the service and will give you care about your problem. You can share your desired service.

We will help you out in selecting the best shade of your nail. We will also explain to you the treatment that you required before going for the application of the shade. Your nails must be treated first into the desired shape and also cleaned with the amazing tools that we have. Once you have completed the initial yet important steps, we will take you to the final steps. The products that we are launching are acclaimed internationally. There is a line of nail treatments regulate in our studio. You can go for nail therapy also. The tools we provide are also combined with the new techniques.

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Classic Nail Polish

Classic Nail Polish

Well, classic shades are obsessed for many people worldwide. If you are looking for any bold, solid, graphic design, classic shades are the best option. Yes! Here we provide you all the perfect shades that include- red, which is forever classic; soft pink; navy; deep red; warm grey; white etc. We will choose the best-suited shade with your skin tone.

Price Duration
Manicure 20 AED 10
Pedicure 25 AED 10

Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

Looking for natural nail paints or the shades that look shine just like the natural nails? It would be best if you went for the gel nail polish to get the shimmer effect. Since our studio has tones of shades, it is pretty easy to select your desired color. Yes, the gel shade product we have will give longer effect without cracking or peeling.

Price Duration
Manicure 60 AED 10
Pedicure 70 AED 10

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