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Nail Polish Removal

Well, decorating yourself is pretty fun and exciting, right? You love doing experiments on your nails with different shades, isn't it? However, the excitement doesn't long too much. You will get bored with the single shade after a few days. That's a prevalent issue for the people who love nail paints.

It doesn't look good when your nail polish starts peeling and breaking a little bit. Your fingers look so unhygienic and look so ugly, and you feel so lazy to remove it, or you must be engaged in your work and always forgot to remove it. Imagine you are presenting a business meeting. You must use your hands to explain it better; people are noticing your half peeled, faded nail paint. You don't want to happen this to you, don't you?

Well, all of your problems can be solved if you have your nail care salon or studio that gives you extra care and comfort to you. You must contact our studio right over. Polish-The Boutique Nail Studio is your best friend. You can make a schedule of your nail care routine, and you can come only when you wish to. At our studio, the beauticians we have are highly trained and will make much effort to solve any issues that people come with. We will listen to you first and then explain to you the services that you are required. You can experience one of the most excellent tools and accessories in our studio.

The instrument we use for treatment is of the tremendous expensive with high quality. You can find the products of free toxins and free chemical reactions. Our experts will remain in touch with you even after you finish your service. The prices of our products and the charges for our services are quite affordable. We assure to meet your expectation for sure.

Nail Polish Removal Services in our Studio

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Classic Polish Removal

Classic Polish Removal

Once you applied the classic paints, it takes time to remove it. Since these products are mostly of solid color, so it sticks with your nails. Visiting us will be a great option. We will provide you the best tool to remove it. After the polish has been removed, you will be treated with nail therapy.

Price Duration
Manicure 10 AED 10
Pedicure 15 AED 10

Gel Polish Removal

Gel Polish Removal

Price Duration
Manicure 25 AED 10
Pedicure 30 AED 10

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