Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are for you if you love thick and voluminous hair that has a smooth and natural look. These are a very versatile method of extensions that can be used on anyone with any type of hair. Tape in hair extensions is the perfect choice for any busy woman who has little time to make her hair, experienced hair extension wearers, and first timers. It is quick and very easy to fix as well as allows for styling in various ways.

Tape-in extensions come in various colors that can be used and combined to give you an astonishing look, which can be removed whenever you want too. These extensions seamlessly blend with your hair by sitting flat against your scalp. With the tape in hair extensions, you simply stick the tapes unto the natural hair and it's done. It is concealable that helps to ensure the extensions are unnoticeable that you can fix them regardless of whichever style you choose to do your hair. The result is a full-looking head of hair that feels as natural as possible.

Tape in hair extensions are the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method. The tapes can be worn several times. They can be reused for up to four times making them inexpensive in the long run. If the extensions are removed, they can be re-taped and reused again. Tapes can be removed with a solution that gently applied after which the tapes are then just slid out without necessarily pulling. The tape allows for totally damage-free installations, no heat needed, crimping, or strain on the hair.

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Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew In Hair Extensions

You don’t have to do a countdown on the calendar waiting for your hair to grow anymore. You can transform your short hair to long hair with hair extensions in just a matter of time, depending on the method used. Sew-in hair extensions are best for those who have thick and coarse hair because it can withstand the braiding process...

The sew-in hair extensions, also known as weaves, requires creating a horizontal cornrow with your hair then sewing the hair extension into it using a needle and cotton thread. The extensions are thoroughly woven through your hair, making it perfectly blended and unnoticeable. It gives a resemblance to a naturally thick, and smooth hair. Your hair won't have to suffer damages from any heat styling tools. Wearing sew-in hair extensions will allow you to style your hair even in a hurry. It is a perfect solution for time-consuming mornings. 
Synthetic hair extension comes pre-styled, so there is less styling needed. Human hair weaves offer more versatility, but are still generally easy to care. Sew-in extensions can add length when you want it, and volume when you need it. They can conceal areas where you hair doesn’t grow well and take your style from short into long. It gives you the flexibility to change your style without waiting for your hair to grow. Another benefit of a sew-in hair extension is that it grows your hair. Many people have difficulty growing their natural hair. Your hair is secured, and your natural hair will grow with a weave in place. Use hair extensions if you like to give your hair a break from chemical straightening, heating tools, and give it a rest with a protective style. With hair extensions, you can add more colors to your natural hair. You can easily achieve the look you desire by using hair extensions, whether you want a one or two-tone hair, or ombre highlights. You can still wash your hair and extensions regularly. Use shampoo, blow-dry curl or straighten as you would with your hair. Just avoid over styling, as this can cause the braids to come loose.
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Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytail hair is one of the most popular and simple hairstyle trends in recent years. This hairstyle isn’t strange to active and strong women. It is easy to tie and you can do it yourself, ready to go. Ponytail hairstyle can make you feel younger and more confident. During any season especially on summer, you don’t need to worry about sweat or working under the hot weather but not feel comfortable because ponytail hairstyle makes you feel comfortable. You can have a great ponytail hairstyle by putting your hair neatly at the high position near the top of head or top of the head and tie it.

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair. Hair extension comes in different types, shapes, color, length, and texture for specific hair needs. Ponytail hair extension, also known as clip-in ponytail extension, is one of the simplest and easiest type of hair extensions.
Clip in ponytail hair extension is ultimately known as an easy, on the-go, sleek solution for thin hair in ponytails. It is made of human hair that you can easily attach to your natural hair. You can use the ribbon, tie and pins to hide and secure the joint. This extension can be styled and shaped as you want like bun or braid yet more perfect and appropriate for a fuller ponytail than bun or braid.
To properly and perfectly achieve a strong looking ponytail using a ponytail hair extensions, follow these simple tips. 


Place your hair in a ponytail

Adjust the height of it to fit your desired end result. Gather the ends of your ponytail underneath an elastic band. 


Adjust the strap

Securely around the thickness of your hair by adjusting it inside the ponytail so that it fits.


Length matters

Decide whether you want to wear your hair short and sweet, or long and layered.


Secure it

It is usually designed as a wrap-around ponytail extension that also includes a velcro finishing piece. There is one cohesive weft with a comb attached that is inserted into the middle of your own ponytail. After fixing the desired length and style, you then take the extra finishing piece and wrap it around and then you're done. You can use bobby pins for extra hold or other hair accessories to hide the joint and to add more style.


You can achieve a perfect hairstyle on your own but sometimes, figuring out the best style that suits you is time-consuming. Why not get some help from a hairstylist? Sofab Beauty Lounge is a hair salon in Dubai, proudly consists of expert hairstylists who surely knows the best hairstyle for you. We offer professional hair extension services and other hair care treatments in Dubai. Come and visit our salon. Book an appointment now.

Micro Beads Hair Extensions

Micro Beads Hair Extensions

Micro bead hair extensions are among the oldest semi-permanent hair extension techniques. These are also called beaded extensions. Microbeads connect your hair and the extension. They are extensions which gets you to secure your natural hair with small metals or plastic rings, mostly with a layer of silicone that keeps the hair safe from damage. It keeps your extensions actually light-weight, leaving you freely enjoy your locks without discomforts. They are natural-looking yet durable to use.

Micro bead hair extension is an alternative option to sew-ins, keratin and glue installations. It’s safe to apply the extension using this method. For you to apply the hair on the full head, you will need hundreds strands of hair. It should take you at least 2 hours to attach the hair. The process involves application of individual hair extensions to your hair, strand by strand using small metallic loops that are attached to the hair extension ending with a clamp of to secure the hair, using a pair of pliers. This intricate process requires help from a skilled hairstylist. Micro bead hair extension usually last up to 6 months, depending on how fast your hair grows and how well you are taking care of it.


Since the method uses individual strand style of attachment, you continue to enjoy the bouncy and natural hair flow feeling. This hair extensions lets you style your hair as though it’s your own hair. It is very versatile, comfortable, easy to remove, and safe. You can also dye your hair without the fear of hair damage. You don’t have to fear using heat on your hair, just remember to use medium heat to prevent damage. In wearing any kind of hair extensions, proper caring is the main attribute to keep it damage-free and use it for a longer period of time. In wearing any kind of hair extensions, proper caring is the main attribute to keep it damage-free and use it for a longer period of time. Take care not to over-wash your micro bead hair extensions.


The micro bead hair extension features a delicate process and hairstyle, you should use the services of a hair stylist to install and remove it. Our hairstylists in Sofab Beauty Lounge are experts in professional hair extension services and in other hair care services. We are one of the best beauty salons in Dubai that offers quality hair care, nail care, and face and body care services.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extension is one of the most common permanent hair extensions, which features small strands of virgin or Remy human hair. It adds extra length for short hair and more volume for thin hair. This type of hair extension is very widely used method because it is very effective in securing and creating a naturally flowing result if attached properly. Keratin bond is considered flexible and extremely versatile. It can be easily disguised and can wear it in most hairstyles, even in ponytails. 

Because they’re made of human hair and offer a more natural look, wearers can actually dye their extensions with any color or highlights they desire, heat style them, and wear their hair up without revealing their secret to glamorous locks.
The process involves hair extensions with heated keratin adhesive to permanently bond it near the roots of the hair using a special heating tool. Low heat is used to prevent damage to the hair, yet provides a durable bond and a more natural look. The installation process of keratin bond hair extensions usually takes up to 2 hours and more. Depending on the desired length and volume, hundreds of individual pieces of extensions can be installed into the hair. Another distinct advantage of the keratin bond is how long it lasts. The hair extensions can stay for approximately 3-6 months with proper installation and care. These are non-damaging extensions, but you’ll need to take proper care to protect the bond and your natural hair. It’s best to treat it more gently for the extension to last longer without compromising the look. Most of the hairstylists would recommend following these simple tips on how to take care of your extensions.
After you have your extensions were installed, you should wait for two days to wash your hair.
You’ll want to use a special brush made just for extensions so you don’t damage the new hair or the bond
Typically, a gentle shampoo is recommended and always use cool water to help minimize tangles.
A light conditioner may also be used without damaging the hair and the bond. 
Try to sleep with your hair in a ponytail or braid to avoid knots and tangles.
Keratin bond hair extensions, also known as pre-bonded hair extensions, is one of the most well-known and oldest available permanent extension method. It is recommended to be done by expert and experienced hairstylists to avoid possible damage and to gain the best results. Sofab Beauty Lounge is a hair salon in Dubai where you can find the best hairstylists with expertise in professional hair extensions and other hair care services. We provide quality hair care, nail care, and face and body care services that surely satisfy our clients. Book an appointment now and enjoy our services, visit https://www.iamsofab.com/.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the simplest type of all. This product is continuously developing in terms of its hair length, variety of colors and styles, and quality, which makes it more interesting to try. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to use and are designed to fully blend with the hair, giving it a seamless blend with natural hair. The clips are already installed with the extension that makes it easier to manage at attached to the hair strands.

In choosing whether to have a synthetic or Remy human hair, you first need to consider your budget and the durability of the products. The synthetic hair is easy to color but you can’t change it, once it is applied unlike the human hair. It doesn’t have to be frequently washed, nor you need to use different kinds of products to make it look natural, and can freely play with the style you want.

The Remy human hair can be versatile with any style that you want, the only thing to watch out for is the heat you apply to the hair. Remy hair gives more natural and real hair wefts that perfectly blends with the hair. It is much more expensive than the synthetic. But if you take care of the Remy hair the same way as you take care of your hair, it will probably last for long even more than a year, a good investment I must say.

These extensions are lightweight, which you won’t even feel as you wear them, giving you a volume boost without the heavy feeling and cautiousness. Feel free to try Clip-in extensions because it won’t cause any harm or damage to your hair. You can put it on or remove it whenever you want, needs low maintenance, and it is reusable. Clip-in hair extensions are available at Sofab Beauty Lounge. Come and try it with the help of our expert hairstylists.


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